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White Marsh Church Plate
501. White Marsh Church Plate
Landing Neck Church Plate
502. Landing Neck Church Plate
Trappe Methodist Church Plate
503. Trappe Methodist Church Plate
Scott's Church Plate
504. Scott's Church Plate
Faith Chapel Plate
505. Faith Chapel, Bruceville, Md. Plate circa 1961
Cup of Blessing
506. Cup of Blessing, Recipes contributed by members & friends of Trappe UM Church
Pentecostal Conversion
507. Pentecostal Conversion, by Floyd E. Bloxton © 1903.
Usher - Scott Methodist Church
508. Usher - Scott Methodist Church, Trappe
Queen Esther Circle
509. Queen Esther Circle - Program at Scotts Ch. 1940
The Church News.
510. The Church News, Sept. 1901, pub. by Floyd E. Bloxton. Only copy known
to exist.
The Eastern Shore Churchman
511. The Eastern Shore Churchman, Sept. 1923 (page 1)
Old White Marsh Church
512. Old White Marsh Church news clipping
Oldest known photo?
Old White Marsh Church
513. Old White Marsh Church, Trappe, Md.
Old White Marsh Church
514. Old White Marsh Church, near Trappe, Md., 1923.
Old White Marsh Grave stones
515. Grave stones at White Marsh Church, near Trappe, Md., 1923.
Old White Marsh Church
516. Old White Marsh Church, near Trappe, Md., 1974.
Emmanuel Chapel
517. Emmanuel Chapel, Trappe, Md.
518. They sang together at the Pilgrim Holiness Church, Trappe, Md.
circa 1913-1918
Pilgrim Holiness Church
519. Pilgrim Holiness Church (Emmanuel Chapel), Trappe, Md.
circa 1946.
Landing Neck Church
520. Landing Neck Church, Landing Neck Road, 1966
Old Methodist parsonage
521. Old Methodist parsonage on Maple Ave., circa 1954
Trappe Methodist Church
522. Trappe Methodist Church, circa 1958
Stained Glass Trinity ME
523. Four stained glass windows moved from Trinity Methodist Episcopal South (Trappe)

Trinity ch. 1946
524. Trinity ME
Church South
(Trappe) circa 1946
& fire Feb. 26, 1954
Trinity S. directory
525. Trinity Methodist Episcopal South (Trappe) Presiding Elders & Preachers 1866-1939
Interesting gravestone
526. Interesting gravestone is of Elizabeth Lee who died in 1827
Remarkable gravestone at old White Marsh
527. Remarkable winged hourglass gravestone at old White Marsh
Unusual cherub gravestone
528. Unusual cherub gravestone at old White Marsh
Robert Morris gravestone
529. Robert Morris gravestone at old White Marsh
mysterious gravestone
530. Mysterious gravestone in Upper Bambury cemetery
St. Paul's Episcopal church
531. St. Paul's Episcopal church on Main St. was built in 1858. Photo from the early 1950s
Sunday School Class
532. Probably a Sunday school class mid 1950s, in front of St. Paul's Episcopal rectory.
Faith Chapel
533. Faith Chapel methodist Churcg, Bruceville, Md.
Scott's Church
534. Scott's Methodist Church, Trappe, Md. 1940
Scott's Church History
535. History of Scott's Methodist Church, 1869-1993
(49 KB .pdf download)
Fresh Laurels For The Sabbath School, circa 1867
536.Fresh Laurels For The Sabbath School, circa 1867

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