mystery gravestone
      A gravestone in Upper Bambury cemetery is unusual not for the stone itself which is a fairly common small gothic head stone and footstone, but for the fact that someone a very long time ago took a chisel and erased the identity, date of death and age of the deceased. But just the identity. The rest of the inscription was untouched. This was not just random vandalism, else the stone would have seem smashed to pieces with a hammer. It was defaced deliberately, yet very neatly, to leave the rest of the stone standing as a message to someone, for some reason. The remaining inscription reads:

"In Memory of
our dear b_y
________ r
o_ __ & __. L_____
Died July __ 18_1
Aged ______ mos."

the foot stone is missing the middle initial:


      Either someone was motivated by hatred and exacted some postmortem revenge on the stone, or more likely, since the neat chiseling seems to be the work of a professional, possibly the stone carveršs actions were motivated by the parentšs non payment for serivces rendered. He could hardly have repossessed the stone because it was useless to anyone else and he couldnšt bring himself to smash his handiwork, so he carefully defaced it. Either way, the identity of the deceased was literally obliterated from the face of the earth.
      And there it sits all to itself calling out to eternity "Who was I?"