Trinity Methodist Episcopal South (Trappe)
Trinity Methodist Episcopal South (Trappe) circa 1946
The history of Methodism in Trappe runs parallel to that of American Methodism, and is marked by divisions, and a re-uniting. Prior to 1850 a Methodist Protestant Church was established, and in 1866 a Methodist Episcopal Church South, came into being. Then with the uniting conference of 1939, the Methodist people of this community absolved their differences and once more became a united congregation.

The 173rd Anniversary of Trappe Methodist Church 1781 - 1954, Anniversary Services September 12, 1954, by J.G. Stapleton, Minister.
After the re-uniting of the of the northern and southern churches services were moved to the Lebanon (northern) church. Shortly before this picture was was taken a violent storm toppled the steeple, which was never replaced. The Trinity building was later sold and subsequently destroyed by fire on Feb. 26, 1954. A private home now exists on this site.

                                                               Photo above courtesy of Ormond Adams

Southern ch.
fire 1954

Southern ch. windows
Southern ch.
stained glass

Southern ch. chandelier
Southern ch.
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