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Capt. John Smith map, 1606
901. Map of the Chesapeake Bay by Capt. John Smith from surveys done in 1606
Hondius map 1633
902. Map of Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay, 1633
Herrman map 1670
903. A detail of the Chesapeake Bay As Is Planted and Inhabited this present Year 1670
Nova Terra-Maria Tabula
904. Nova Terra-Maria Tabula (New Map of Maryland) by John Ogilby, 1671
Thornton and Fisher's copy
905. Thornton and Fisher's copy of a chart by Anthony Smith, 1689.
Jaillot map 1700
906. A.H. Jaillot's Detailed Map of Va., Md., Pa., and East & West NJ. published in Amsterdam in 1700.
Herman Moll map 1720
907. Herman Moll's excellent map of Virginia and Maryland, 1720
Map of Virginia & Maryland 1752
908. A New and Accurate Map of Virginia & Maryland, 1752
Carte de la Baiae de Chesapeake...1778
909. Carte de la Baiae de Chesapeake et de la Partie Navigible des Rivieres.... 1778
J. H. Alexander's map of Maryland, 1835
910. Talbot Co. & other areas from Dennis Griffith's Map of the State of Maryland, published in 1795
J. H. Alexander's map of Maryland, 1835
911. J. H. Alexander's map of Maryland, 1835, Trappe area detail.
Mitchell map, 1846
912. Map by Mitchell done in 1846 shows three places on the Eastern Shore named Trap
1858 Trappe map
913. 1858 map of Trappe & Talbot Co., Md. by William Dilworth
Chesapeake Bay Chart No. 32
914. Chesapeake Bay Chart No. 32, Magothy River to Choptank River, 1862
KMartenet map 1866
915. Detail of Trappe District from Simon J. Martenet's Map, 1866
Isle of Rays and Barnett platt
916. A platt showing Isle of Rays and the Barnett farms, 1867.
1877 Grey Map
917. 1877 Grey Map of Trappe
918. Trappe District map from the Illustrated Atlas of Talbot and Dorchester Counties, 1877
platt 1880
919. An interesting platt from May 10, 1880 "Map of Lands belonging to Dickinson Heirs"
Smith map 1891
920. Trappe area from J. L. Smith's 1891 Map of the Eastern Shore
Smith map of Talbot Co.
921. Trappe District as shown on the J.L. Smith & Co. map of Talbot Co.from 1898.
Tripper & Hambleton ad. map c.1900
922. Trippe & Hambleton real estate and insurance advertising map
circa 1900
Nevius map c 1915
923. Nevius & Frampton's hardware store map showing approaches to Talbot County c.1910-1919
1912 USGS topographic map
924. Detail from a 1912 USGS topographic map of the Trappe area.
Rand McNally map circa 1920
925. A detail from a Rand McNally map circa 1920, showing Kirby's Wharf.
Maryland Road System
926. Detail from "Map of Maryland Showing State Road System" 1925
Claiborne-Annapolis Ferry routes
927. Claiborne-Annapolis Ferry, 1932
1940 road map
928. Detail from a 1940 State of Maryland road map made after the 1935
1940 road map
929. Route 213 Trappe by-pass built in 1940
Highway map 1953
930. General Highway Map of Talbot County with revisions to 1953
 Trappe, Md. from the 1891 Sanborn Insurance Co. map
931. Trappe, Md. from the 1891 Sanborn Insurance Co. map

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