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Nace Hopkins
801. "Nace" Hopkins
probably 1890s.
Nace Hopkins Burial site
802. Nace Hopkins Burial site in Old Paradise Cemetery, Trappe, Md.

803. "Nace" Hopkins’ current tombstones in the old Paradise Cemetery in Trappe, Md.

804. Nathaniel "Nace" Hopkins’ historic original tombstone

805.  Caroline Hopkins’
(wife of "Nace" Hopkins)
historic original tombstone

806. Descendants of "Nace" Hopkins by the original tombstones of "Nace" and his wife Caroline in old Paradise Cemetery. Nov. 2, 1976.
Nace's Day 1934
807. Program from the Emancipation Proclamation (Nace's Day) Celebration November 01, 1934
Nace Hopkins remembered
808. "Remembering Nace Hopkins", Star-Democrat clipping 1978
Nace Hopkins' sword
809. Wilbert Roberts, with his grandfather Nace Hopkins' sword.
James Thomas
810. James Thomas
from a cabinet photograph
circa 1890-1910
Elsie Thomas Greene
811. Elsie Thomas Greene, from a tintype taken about 1903
Molly and Edwin Brooks
812. Molly and Edwin Brooks, circa 1920

George Cooper
813. George Cooper and Daniel Roberts, 1893

Edwin Brooks and friends
814. Edwin Brooks and friends at Isle of Rays farm circa 1916
Edwin Brooks and friends
815. George Dobson
cook at Goose Point farm,
circa 1950

Trappe Dodgers
816. Trappe Dodgers in the 1940s.

Smoke Roberts
817. Pitcher Wilbert "Smoke" Roberts, Trappe Dodgers, 1945.
Life in Trappe, 1953
818. Life in Trappe, 1953
2 slave documents
819. Two Trappe slave documents from the 1840s - 1850s

A bill of sale for a slave
820. A bill of sale for a slave
dating from June 16, 1849

Bill of sale for a slave
821. A bill of sale for a slave dating from November 4, 1767

Bill of sale for an 11 year old slave, 1851
822. Bill of sale for an 11 year old slave, 1851

Bill of sale for a slave
823. Dr. Kemp provides medicine for Nancy Worrell's slaves, 1845-1847
First African American School
824. Trappe's First African American School-1865
colored schools
825. List of "colored schools"
in the Trappe area from 1918
Trappe colored school
826. Trappe's "colored school" circa 1930. Prince Cooper, principal,
Prince Cooper
827. Prince Cooper taught at Trappe's black primary school
Colored school report card
828. Report Card From Trappe's "Colored School", 1927-28
Scott's Church
829. Scott's Methodist Church, Trappe, Md. 1940
Scott's Church History
830. History of Scott's
Methodist Church,
Usher - Scott Methodist Church
831. Usher - Scott Methodist Church, Trappe
Queen Esther Circle
832. Queen Esther Circle - Program at Scotts Ch. 1940
Black Peoples day Book
833. "1820 Black Peoples day Book" from the Barnett farm

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