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Defender Packing c. 1950
401. Defender Pack-
ing Co. Backtown Rd. plant, circa 1910-1950
Defender Packing
402. Defender Packing Co. Lovers Lane plant, 1974, with Co. history
Peeling tomatoes
403. Hand peeling tomatoes at Defender Packing Co., 1974

Defender Label
404. Tomato can label from the Defender Packing Co. 1920s-1930s.
Defender Tokens
405. Bucket tokens used by Defender Packing Co. 1920s-1930s
Defender Tokens 2
406. Defender Packing Co. #4 & #5 tokens in red & black
Time Card
407. Time card used by Defender Packing Co., Trappe, Md.
tomato contract
408. Defender Packing Co. Tomato contract from nineteen teens and tomato receipt circa 1960.
Three cannery billheads

409. Three cannery billheads circa 1919-1930
Warner time clock
410. Time clock used at cannery on Landing Neck Rd., Trappe
Made 1901-1924

Bay Country label
411. Bay Country label from Jim Warner's cannery on Landing Neck Rd., Trappe, Md. circa 1960's or 1970's

JW brand label
412. JW brand label from Jim Warner's cannery on Landing Neck Rd., Trappe, Md.
Kirby Canning Co. token
413. Three Kirby Canning Company tokens.

Kirby peaches
414. W. A. Kirby, Trappe, Md. "Talbot Brand Peaches" label
Trappe Canning Co. 415. Trappe Canning Co., mid 1940s
Trappe Frozen Foods crate
416. Trappe Frozen Foods crate, 1968
Trappe Creek label
417. Trappe Creek brand label used briefly by M. T. Adams' Trappe Canning Co. circa 1947

Trappe Canning Co. tokens
418. Trappe Canning Company tokens
Whiteley Orchards
419. Whiteley Orchards, Trappe, (Windy Hill) Md., 1 bushel Fresh Peaches label
Trappe landing 1954
420. Trappe Landing grain elevators,
circa 1954
Trappe Landing 1967
421. Loading grain at Trappe Landing, 1967
Trappe Landing air lift
422. Trappe Land-
ing Grain Co. re-
locates, April 24. 1973
Trappe Landing rain gauge
423. Rain gauge from Trappe Landing Grain Co. Probably 1960s
Tomato cookbook
424. Love Those Tomatoes", recipes compiled by the Char-Wil Canning Co.
Circa 1986.
Trappe farm
425. Farming somewhere in the Trappe area.
circa 1915
Wagon load
426. Wagon load of tomatoes waiting to be picked up. Probably Ingleside farm,
circa 1930

Isle of Rays farming
427. Isle of Rays, farming

Isle of Rays farming
428. Combining wheat on Milan Farm, Island Creek Neck in June 1959

Vintage combine

429. Harvesting wheat with an early combine, circa 1950s

Harvest of corn, 1965

430. Harvest of corn near Trappe, 1965


431. Trappe Feed Service, Inc.

432. Advertising yardstick from Trappe Feed Service, Inc.
 Farm ledger
433. Farm ledger from the Barnett Farm, Trappe, Md. for the years 1802-1823
 Hans Asmussen threshing wheat
434. Hans Asmussen threshing wheat on Walnut Grove Farm, Island Creek Neck in 1943

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