repair invoice

       Farm machinery always needs repair and 18th century implements were no exception:
1799        Mr. Thomas Barnett to Jno. Stevens                      £
Jany        To stealing axe 6/3 mending bolt of yoke 6d.--       6.9
23           To Ring & hay 1/0 Layg 2 [scane?] Iron 3/9           4.9
Mar 20     To [?], mending socket                                      4.0
May 18     To Layd Colter 1/6 [?]                                       4.0
              To Mending bar 2/6 Stay Do. 1/6 Colter hook 1/3-   5.3
              To wear wing 10/ Laying Ax 1/3                          16.3
              To wear wing 10/ Laying Ax 1/3                           2.1.0

        Thomas Barnett lived on what is now called Milan farm on Island Creek Neck. In those days, axe heads were made of iron with a hammer forged steel blade. To steel an axe apparently meant to repair the blade. A colter was the steel wedge on a plow. Prices are given in pounds and shillings. Stevens apparently operated a blacksmith shop.