1858 map-Island Creek/Grubbin
Island Creek got its name from an island that used to be at the mouth. Clora's Point was Trappe's first steamboat landing. Island Creek Neck is home to several nice old estates either on the Island Creek side or the La Trappe Creek side: Hampden which dates from the early 1700s, Cloras Point Farm, the Willis farm, Isle of Rays and the Wilderness which was the home of Daniel Martin, Governor of Md. from 1828-1831.

Grubin Neck is south of Trappe to Howell's Pt. No one knows the origin of the name, presumably it was for someone named Grubin. Howell's Point got its name from the rhyming name of an early resident Howell Powell. Trappe's famous son "Home Run" Baker was born about a mile south of town on Howell's Point Rd. Compton, Beechwood and Boston are notable old estates as is Crosiadore which is the site of the home of John Dickinson. After he moved to Pa. he wrote "The Liberty Song" which became the hit song of the American Revolution. Compton was the home of the Stevens family, notably Samuel Stevens who was Governor of Md. from 1822 to 1825.