Wright's Mill
      Wright's Mill was at the intersection of Miles Creek and Wright's Mill Rd. It is not known when it opened or who Wright was. Abbot's Mill was operating on the site at least by 1783. Wright's had an unusual undershot water wheel and the ruins can still be seen. The miller's house was across the road. Robert Croswell remembered:
       Part of Wright's mill wheel is still there [2006]. It did have some metal parts, as well as wood. The last time I looked, the mill race under the road could still be seen where it entered the pond. It was way to the left of the mill, looking toward the pond. Sort of off the back curve of the road. There was one outlet, but two wooden sliding gates, as I recall. Each gate had a center board that extended up past the railing. That board had a series of holes in it. They used something like a crow bar to pry the gate up step by step as needed. They would put a peg or something in the hole so the gate could not slip.
       Mr. "old Man" Murry, the last miller showed me how it all worked back in 1953 or '54. The dam was out then, so there was no water to actually make it run. There was a cone shaped tin "hat" on the top of the chimney with a lot of bullet holes in it. Hurricane Hazel may have been the force that took it off. One had to take care inside the building because by that time, there were some "soft places" in the floor. The wooden elevators and most of the belts and machinery were still in place. What a shame it was not saved.
Wright's Mill. Photo above by Thomas Firth, courtesy of Joedy Cecil

Wright's Mill circa 1930s
Wright's Mill
circa 1930s

Wright's Mill c. 1954
Wright's Mill
circa 1954

Mill wheel c. 1954
Mill wheel
circa 1954

Mill wheel 2006-2007
Mill wheel

Pop's Murray
"Pop" Murray
Wright's Mill's
last miller
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